Our Mission

Fueled By Kids is an organization committed to ending childhood food insecurity.

What We Do And Why

Fueled By Kids fills the 67 hour gap between when students (most of whom are participating in the National School Lunch Program) receive lunch on Friday afternoons and again when they receive breakfast on Monday morning, alleviating the food anxiety that many of these children experience as a result of not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

49 million people in the US struggle to find enough food to eat
17 percent of households with children report a high rate of food insecurity
15.7 million US children live in food insecure households

How We Got Started

Gracie Mikol Youth Board Member

In the fall of 2016, I was sitting in a gym watching my brother’s basketball game. The lady sitting in front of us was showing photos of a cat she recently started fostering as a result of a family losing their housing on the West side of Manchester. Upon further discussion, we learned that the woman was a teacher at Parker Varney. Within her school, there were several homeless and semi-homeless families. Because of my (and my family’s) work with New Horizons, we asked about how this situation affected the kids in these homes. In her experience, it meant that many of these children did not eat over the weekend. Teachers slipped extra fruit from the cafeteria into these children’s bags on Friday in hopes that they would have something to eat over the weekend.

As I continued to have discussions with people about the issue of food insecurity in our community, everyone I talked to felt for the cause—they had a desire to help make a change but did not know where to start. So, we started Fueled By Kids! We are an organization that wants to address the food insecurity problems in our community. Having started with only the Parker Varney Elementary School, by the end of the school year we were able to add the Wilson Elementary School and Jewett Street Elementary Schools to our mission.

At the end of the school year, I had a meeting with each of these schools and discovered that the need for Fueled By Kids is even more widespread than we initially realized. We need YOU to help feed the hundreds of children in Manchester that go hungry each weekend.

Fueled By Kids Food Donation Bags

A Note From Hannah Mikol

Hannah Mikol employe circle


We began providing 65 bags a week for children at one school but have now grown to serve almost 400 children each week at 7 schools! Our amazing growth has been the product of school guidance counselors and principals communicating with each other about the great results their kids have experienced and reaching out to us to help more children from new schools. We have amazing volunteers who help us to pack and deliver the bags each week but the most difficult part about Fueled By Kids is finding the money to buy the food each week. Call me or visit the Contact Us section of our website if you are interested in getting involved.

Schools We Sponsor

We currently serve almost 400 students across the schools listed below. If you would like your school to be sponsored, then please contact us by phone, email, or the submission form on the contact page.

Henry Wilson Elementary School Sponsored by FBK

Henry Wilson Elementary School

Jewett Street School Sponsored by FBK

Jewett Street Elementary School

Beech Street Elementary School Sponsored by FBK

Beech Street Elementary School

Highland Goffe's Falls Elementary School Sponsored by FBK

Highland Goffe’s Falls Elementary School

Gossler Park Elementary School Logo

Gossler Park Elementary School

Parker-Varney Elementary School Sponsored by FBK

Parker-Varney Elementary School

Youth Board Members

  • Hannah Mikol
    Hannah Mikol Senior at Bedford High
    Soccer, Basketball, & Track
  • Joe Mikol
    Joe Mikol Sophomore at Bedford High
    Soccer, Basketball, & Track
  • Kate Mikol
    Kate Mikol Eighth Grade at Lurgio Middle School
    Soccer & Acting
  • Ali Vikstrom
    Ali Vikstrom Junior at Bedford High
    Field Hockey & Equestrian Riding
  • Zach Verow
    Zach Verow Senior at Bedford High
    Soccer & Track

Board Members

  • Brian Mikol
    Brian Mikol PRESIDENT
  • Anne Mikol
    Anne Mikol SECRETARY
  • Brenda Conery
    Brenda Conery CO-VICE PRESIDENT
  • Kevin Lash
  • Ken Hauser
    Ken Hauser TREASURER